Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Decide only if you bear consequences

Yes, it could be that I am too young for giving organizational hints, but this rule I have to say anyway:
I am sure that there are good exceptions - nevertheless generally everybody going to make a decision in the organization should follow this rule:

Decide only if you bear the consequences

Meaning that if you are deciding on something, but you are not directly influenced by this decision, don't do it. You see probably a problem, so search for people that would be most affected by this decision, and ask them to make it. It can be that these people are too focused and concentrated on solving their daily business - thus they may not see the problem. Or it may be that situation what you consider as a problem is not a problem at all. At least not for people involved.
Following this rule we would avoid poor decision, e.g. from project management, CM responsible, architects, testers, etc...

Once I got a question how have I setup teams and what needs to be taken into account by putting teams together when trying to reorganize teams towards scrum. Answer is simple: ask people, let them organize themselves. Thus, this concept of taking decisions supports in nice way so heavily discussed self-organization of scrum projects.

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