Tuesday, October 19, 2010


10 years ago I had excellent possibility to express all my observations and ideas how to improve the world. All my friends had regularly received written letters: the content had typically nothing to do with our relationship or event's from last weekend. It was just my dream that was written down, or idea, or "interesting observation". Motivation was selfish and irrational:
  • [Selfish] If I do not write them down I'll forget all my great ideas;
  • [Irational] all these ideas were sent to different parts of World - without possibility to get them back. aka /dev/null

Exactly as some people hobby is to collect money, visited places, postcards, books, movies, friends - I am collecting my own ideas. It make me pleasure if I know that it is written down - even I'll will not be able to recall it later or get back to it.

Unfortunately situation has changed to the one 10 years ago: friends are not willing to receive my ideas anymore. So here I am - starting topic is SCRUM and lean development.

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